Wow, Looks Young!

Three post day. What can I say? I just take ’em as they come.


Hey, maybe, if we are lucky, Richard will do another ‘phone dump’ like he did after BS … Fingers crossed.

In any case, that pic above really makes him look so young. Pretty bangs…


30 thoughts on “Wow, Looks Young!

  1. Yeah, hes on a roll! Did you see Shaun pic of him in the car too? It’s on his instagram
    This pic is odd to me, I guess because he’s got almost no expression on his face …which is why he looks so smooth and wrinkle free! And his lips look really full like that!

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    • Yep, I saw the pic. I was actually looking for the source of the car picture when I came across this selfie by the man himself 😁.
      He really does look smooth and wrinkle-free in the picture. I suspect it’s the make-up, though. (He also has his hair dyed again. Meh.)


  2. It’s good to see him looking so well. At the weekend I finally got around to watching the DVD of Ocean’s Eight and thought he looked so thin that I feared he would disappear when he turned sideways lol

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    • He really does look well, doesn’t he?! I can’t wait to see this show.
      LOL on “Flat Claude”! Which reminds me – I haven’t watched O8 ever again. Must get myself a download of the show and watch the Claude scenes at leisure.


  3. He seems to have really enjoyed this project. I think some of the younger cast energized him and unleashed some playfulness. It’s really good to see him happy and excited with a role. His banter with Sean Dooley was hilarious.

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  4. I did read the book and enjoyed it. He definitely is a victim of circumstance and the hero. I expect with the adaptation from book to series there will be some changes made but hopefully not many. It has the potential to be a really great series.

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