RA Pocket Shrines 196-204/? – You Rock

If you looked at my pet project post the other day and clicked through to the book, the eagle-eyed among you may already have spotted the rapsiversary shrines, i.e. the shrines that pushed me past the 200 milestones. I think they have all arrived at their destination at this point (minus one which I actually left out… to be rectified, soon!) These are all little thank yous to those of you who had donated (an) item(s) to the recent birthday auctions. I’ve had word from (almost) all recipients and so I thought I’d present them now.

In a bid to work my way through my tin stash, I settled on the gorgeous Blink tins. They are beautiful on the outside and need no further enhancement.

All lined up. Blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink blink

And inside they just received a small shrinification rather than the full RAPS treatment. As usual, a project of improvisation, working mostly with images that I already had at hand, and letting coincidence dictate the theme by way of recycling materials (packaging, old leather belt) and putting my hand into the box with the magnetic words…

Here’s a small slideshow with the individual shrines.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

One last thank you to you all. You rock, indeed. And now we can close the minis until next year.





32 thoughts on “RA Pocket Shrines 196-204/? – You Rock

  1. Adorable! You made a commit that made me think…..you called them magnetic. Why not put a magnet on the back so the receiver can put it on a metal surface so they can have a quick peek when ever they pass? Just a suggestion.

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  2. Guylty you are a marvel indeed! Did you see my thank-you emails? I wanted you to know how much I love the shrine, and all the trimmings, but it is outrageous that you are sending thank-you when you did so much organising the auction. Outrageous!

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    • Ah no…
      And oh yes, I have, but I have been a lazy, lazy correspondent lately. I’d like to use my tidying up as an excuse (and it is true – I finished reorganising my craft room this week – only to make it a mess again the last few days when I worked on a journal commission *sigh*). I will reply, promised!

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  3. Thank you for giving me another gift. My broken man is taken very good care of. :* And that pic from SK is my favourite from that trip. You nailed it! ❤
    Thank you! <+


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