Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/31

You want waffle? Well, let me give you some waffle… The cleaning up operation has been somewhat successful. I’ll give you a little before and after so you can see the full extent of the problem.

So, my “shtuff” had started to take over the whole room. Not even my room, btw. It’s my son’s old room (hence the football posters on the wall). I had expanded into his room because my study had been too messy. Um. The study has been given the tidy treatment, too, but nevertheless, this is my crafting space, and the books, papers, envelopes, ribbons, bling bits and other assorted paper stuff had accumulated on every available surface space. You get a vague idea in the gif left.

In the end it was so bad, I essentially had created a path that led to the table, while other floor space was filled with yet to be unpacked boxes, bags and envelopes. Also, the shelf next to my desk did not really work for me, either – it didn’t really hold the items I frequently reach for, and the green containers were a little bit too long for the narrow shelf, always on the verge of falling off the shelf. The gif features the solution to the madness: a new cabinet which I needed in order to tidy the shtuff away.

It actually wasn’t really as bad a process as I thought. There is a certain satisfaction in finding a new organisational structure for things, or in sorting everything into collections of the same type of things. A basket for envelopes, one for cardstock, one for assorted printed papers, one for recycled envelopes etc, etc. So, I started here:

And now it is more like this:

Yep, there were still papers on the desk at time of photographing, but that is because I was working on a commissioned junk journal the last few days.

Well, and when the king of the house takes up position on the desk, you know that it is *really* clean… The box contains the abovementioned commission, ready to be sent.

So, with no mess on my mind anymore, a weight has also lifted off my shoulder and I can happily indulge in Armitage on tumblr. Here we go.

  1. TIFF has provided us with lots of new imagery. Here is a collection of screen shots (?) provided by deepestfirefun of Richard and his director Julie Delpy
  2. Mezzmerizedbyrichard has put together some screen shots of Richard from the Deadline interview and also added a gorgeous gif. I mean, when the man smiles, you just want to take him, give him a hug and never let go
  3. oooh, I love this idea by nowiloveandwilllove: She asks for readers to suggest a RA-related fan fic, and will then reply with a matching playlist. I’d love to see her playlist for Zee’s Manna
  4. Big thanks to riepu10 for this new mood gif. I can see myself using this between 7 and 10am every Monday morning 😁
  5. A nice Thorin edit by mmirzasworld
  6. From the world of fan fiction on tumblr: xxbyimm lists the reader-prompted fan fics she is going to work on
  7. Watching Richard thinking… I mean, if it was someone else, I’d say it’s like watching paint dry, but these gifs by riepu10, I could watch them forever
  8. I haven’t watched the intro and Q&A from TIFF yet (for fear of spoilers), but richardarmitagefanpage has linked to it on Youtube, and I am listing it here just in case you are less concerned with spoilers
  9. And riepu10’s contribution to World Beard Day
  10. *doubletakes* Vott? Vott iz zis? *Guylty stares unblinkingly* Um. Shirtless Thorin. Somehow. By thewarriorandtheking
  11. LOL on these falsehobbitquotes

Right, considering that I waffled you up, it may not really look as short a post as it appears to be. Most of tumblr was the photographic goodness of TIFF this week. No complaints there – I enjoyed the images very much – but it would not have made sense to quote 10 links that are all the same content. Let’s see what next week brings.

Happy weekend!

Guylty ❤


25 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/31

  1. I have bought two tickets to see The Lodge at the British Film Festival, all the matinee tickets were sold out so we are going on the Friday night hopefully we will get a train home or we might be staying the night at Liverpool Street Station lol
    Loved your tidy room I hadn’t noticed the bed in the before photo lol

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Forgot to say: Epic job on the tidying. I hate cleaning, but I love opening my drawers and knowing EXACTLY where the double-sides mounting tape is!


  3. #7 totally agree. And watching him just breathe….he doesn’t haven’t to be doing much to hold me in thrall!
    Clear space, clear mind – it’s very freeing having things organised, plus there’s the satisfaction of getting the job done. Enjoy your new work space!!


  4. What a cute office, and there’s a cat ,,,,,,, well I have three here in the house and two in the yard and detail goes up on top of everything.


  5. Well done in opening up so much cat-sitting space. 😂 Now you can sit back amd enjoy the calm atmosphere too.

    Lovely round-up as usual, thank you, Guylty – good job I had my 😎 on though while viewing the suit.
    #4 caught my eye as well – I think we all know that feeling, poor Guy. Did you notice the pointy ears emerging from the tangled locks? ❤ 😀


  6. Wow you’ve done wonders with your room Guylty and I’m glad to see the waffle is back! Thanks for the round-up. I am captivated by the stills from the Deadline interview, more than any of the other images from TIFF. His unpolished tired gorgeousness makes me love him even more. And yes I could stare for hours at his ever-changing expressions . I’m delighted to see the return of the upwards glance, which he used to do and which seems both shy and sinister – and takes my breath away.

    Liked by 1 person

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