Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/37

Those of you on tumblr may have already seen what I am posting in the round-up this week. I reblogged a lot of posts this week – that is my way of compiling the round-up in advance, keeping track of what I want to put into the round-up by fixing them on my dashboard on tumblr. I’ve had to compile the round-up early-ish this week, because my mother is arriving today. It is her birthday tomorrow, and she is turning 70. After the upheaval of the summer – emptying the family home, buying and moving into a new flat of her own – she has decided to forego the customary big party this year and instead escape to her daughter. (In Germany, significant birthdays are celebrated on a grand scale – by inviting all family members and all friends to a restaurant for a multi-course meal, followed by speeches and games, sometimes even dancing. It’s a wonderful way to celebrate, but also quite costly. So Mama is postponing the celebrations until early next year.)

My birthday present to mark the seventh decade is a short getaway with *all* her family to a plush hotel in the Wicklow Mountains. And so we are setting off as you are reading this, to be wined and dined in the Glendalough Hotel. Hopefully the weather will clear up tomorrow and we have time to take a gorgeous autumn walk over the monastery site next door to the hotel, and to the upper lake, after a hearty Irish breakfast. In a total first, I have actually created FAPS – a FAmily Pocket Shrine – so that I have something for my mum to unwrap as a birthday present.

I chuckled away when I was making this pocket shrine…

… only to have Mr Guylty point out that Mama doesn’t really speak English. Maybe the joke will be lost on her. Nonetheless, I thought it was fitting. A reminder of her family, to be kept in her hand bag. And extra special, as it is only the second time that I have put someone else rather than RA into a shrine…

Anyway, forgive me the excursion into private stuff, let’s get to the round-up.

  1. Inktober continues with sodasacd and a little homely scene. Poor Thorin…
  2. I love fizzyxcustard’s b/w mood board for Raymond de Merville
  3. Something for #TeamShrubbery, here is an assertive daddy Cahalan, fighting to have his daughter looked after. Aw. A gif set by riepu10
  4. Anybody remember trrriple-rrr? She wrote quality racy fan fiction for all of RA’s characters. This year she is planning to do an Advent project, and you can vote for the chaRActers you would like her to write about
  5. A gorgeous watercolour of Thorin le-petit-blog-d-elzaim. Yeah, maybe does not exactly look like Richard, but it is gorgeous nonetheless
  6. These gifs together with the words – beautiful. Posted by north-and-prejudice
  7. I completely second notthatmelody’s statement, and thank crazytxgradstudent for backing it up with visuals
  8. And here is fizzyxcustard’s coulour version of a Raybo mood board. She really has a thing for him, right?
  9. I suspect this is a throwback to ages ago, but mezzmerizedbyrichard gifs a very funny moment from VoD – and I think her conclusion is spot on!
  10. Paul and his t-shirts… did they all come from RA’s private collection, do you think? Here’s a scene giffed by riepu10
  11. We all know about Richard’s penchant for playing characters called John. Or who die. Redpaperowl has found something else…
  12. Most likely a re-post here, but mmzperx0506universe’s picture set of Daniel Miller starts off sexy and gets dark
  13. Gif sets like this one by notthatmeldoy are the reason why a separate arsitage tumblr exists
  14. I *do* love these reimagined book covers for Tolkien’s works. Very aesthetic. By linhiko
  15. Another one for #TeamShrubbery. I’m feeling really generous today. Very pink. By lepersgisbornelepers

Hope you have a lovely autumn weekend, all. Wrap up warm, have a cup of cocoa, and dream of RA.

Guylty ❤


24 thoughts on “Armitage Weekly Round-up 2019/37

  1. Absolutely love the FAPS. What a brilliant idea. Have a great time and fingers crossed 🤞🏻 for cooperative weather.

    Tumblr is not loving me so much this morning, but the Proctor mood board I saw (no Raymond 🤷🏻‍♀️) was cool and I am in favor of intense Daddy Cahalan. My favorite of what I saw was that N&S gif set. Beautiful!!

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  2. What a lovely gift for your mum, enjoy your weekend!
    Thank you again for the link, #9 is definitely a gifset from some time ago. I know that because I hadn’t yet learnt how to adjust the aspect ratio, it annoys me now when I see my old ones. It was fine if the original video was widescreen, but from shows such as Vicar of Dibley (Robin Hood was another one) the frames end up as squished gifs. Must fix it!


    • Hehe, who cares about aspect ration when… RA? 😉 Just kidding, I know what you mean. Revisiting old work sometimes really makes one cringe. Not that I cringed at your gif set. I loved it. But yeah, we learn constantly, and we strive to do our best. But as historic posts go, that set was lovely.


    • Many thanks, Squirrel – even though it was a pressie for my mum, I really enjoyed it too. Once the children are grown up, doing something with the *whole* family becomes a rare and precious thing…


        • That’s exactly it, Squirrel. With both of my children grown up, they will become more and more independent. And they will have their lives without me… 😢No, all good. That’s the way it is.


  3. I love the FAPS! And somehow your mum looks familiar to me! Do I know her from somewhere, I wonder? In any case, happy birthday to her and jolly travels to you all. 🙂


    • Oh Esther, I am laughing here that you should say that. I can’t believe that you should actually know my mum from anywhere, and I don’t think I have posted pictures of her before, but the funny thing is that my was told years ago (like, when she was a young woman), that she looked similar to Queen Beatrix… 😉

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  4. Happy birthday to your mum. She must be thrilled with her faps, it is lovely. I’m glad you didn’t use Senior Momints for RA in the end! Thanks for the great round-up, omg that Daniel set, phwshhhphoarrmmm, sexy and dark.


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