2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

Ten days after school closures and enforcing of social distancing and working from home, our taoiseach (prime minister) Leo Varadkar spoke to the nation again last night. People in Ireland had been staying at home mostly over the last while, and the spreading of the virus had been slowed down a good bit. Apparently they had expected the number of infections to have risen to a five-figure number by now, but thanks to the cooperation of the people, Ireland at this point has “only” 2,100 (diagnosed) cases of infection and 22 deaths. However, the government has now decided to ramp up the restrictions and we are now in a lockdown. Only essential workers are allowed to travel. We must stay at home, except for shopping or for personal exercise. We are to go no further than 2km from our homes. Vulnerable people are asked to “cocoon” and stay in for the foreseeable future.

In this unprecedented situation, I actually find the Irish government very trustworthy and effective. Leo is doing a great job, and whoever is writing the speeches for him, is doing an even better one. “Freedom was hard won in our country, and it jars with us, to restrict and limit individual liberties, even temporarily. But freedom is not an abstract concept. We give it meaning every single day – in the way we live our lives – and in the decisions we take willingly to protect our loved ones. So I am asking people to give meaning to our freedom and liberty by agreeing to these restrictions.  Restricting how we live our lives so that so that others may live. I am asking us for a time, to forego our personal liberties and freedoms for a greater cause. Tonight I am appealing to every man, woman and child in our country to make these sacrifices – not out of self-interest but for each other. To begin each day knowing that every single imposition, every inconvenience, every irritation will save lives and help our health service cope.” I’m in because I love this country and I love many people in this country. We will prevail!

There’ll be light

It still feels like a somewhat scary dream to me. And I notice in myself that my feeling of safety is closely connected to the state of my pantry. 😂 And there are unexpected moments of amusement. When I tweeted last night that Ireland had tightened its lockdown, I was amused by the number of replies from different countries, telling me how “bad” it has been in their places and for how long. Lads, this isn’t a competition! 😂 There are no brownie points for having been in lockdown longer than Ireland. We are *all* in the same boat, no matter where we are, and there is no hierarchy of suffering. I think it’s fair to say that we are all struggling at this point, no matter which restrictions have been put into place by our respective governments.

On a personal level, today is a much better day than yesterday. I might need some advice from you, though. It seems that I am developing eczema on the back of my hand and my knuckles. I think it is due to the frequent and intense hand-washing, as well as the contact with cleaning products while deep-cleaning my kitchen. At this point it is a reddish, dry, wrinkly patch of skin. It’s not painful or itchy, but I can feel the skin “stretching”. Has anybody got experience with eczema and how are you dealing with the frequent hand-washing? Any advice on which kind of products to use?

Let’s move on to the weekly round-up that lightens the weekend. I had some feedback that some ladies found my round-up header hard to take (because it depicts Richard as Astrov in a play they never got to see). I have binned my already prepared, remaining headers and use a neutral photo instead.

  1. Massive nape curl alarm! Sir Guy from down below aside. Thank you, riepu10!
  2. That “family” was genius casting! Richardarmitagefanpage reposts a photo of lots of Price family photos taken by Jacob Dudman
  3. Not sure if I had linked to this already but if you need some reading material, there is a long Thorin fan fic here by theelvenvalkyrie. This is a link to chapter 28, but I am sure you can find back to the first chapter from there, too
  4. According to rcihardarmitagefanpage, Richard is now at #67 on IMDb
  5. Ahhhhhh, riepu10!!!!!!! This is the best gif set ever! Thank you for giffing the “family video scenes” from TS. In the show they went by so fast, I missed so many details. Now I have been able to watch this on loop. Kudos to Richard for being able to catch sweets with his mouth – or if that fails, with his drink. The biscuit scene, though, takes the biscuit!!!
  6. Seeing the original text superimposed on Mr Thornton forcefully striding through MIlton – I have to admit that I find this attractive and touching. Gif set by thatvermilionflycatcher
  7. *coughs* Another scene that passed all-too-quickly in the show… here you can see quite some detail. Riepu10’s gifs of a notorious scene in Marie Lloyd
  8. LOL, I have no trouble believing this about Guy. From What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  9. And while we are at it: *khahahaha* – naughty thoughts there. I bet Guy wouldn’t disagree. Another quip by nfcomics
  10. If we have had this gif set by riepu10 before, I don’t care. It fulfils my smooching needs
  11. Random? No character appreciation post is random when it comes to Richard 😉. Posted by fizzyxcustard
  12. Omgopalsapphire has a point
  13. Drldeboer has screenshot another scene from TS
  14. This old post by yatanis might satisfy several kinks – muscles, Armpitage and WRP
  15. And lastly, thank you to mezzmerizedbyrichard for taking up the Distraction Challenge. Here is a link to question 2 of ADC

Tumblr also seems to have been given a make-over. It looked very slightly different when I navigated to the site today – with small icons illustrating the search list, and the search results now not preceded by a line of suggested blogs to follow. The individual search results turn up in a smaller feed now. The advantage is that you can actually display the search results like a feed – with each individual result appearing on a “time line”. That might prove useful. Tbh, I found the old design easier to get an overview of, but I am confident that I’ll get used to this new look, soon.

There we are. I hope you and yours are all well, and well-stocked. At least we have the internet to keep us entertained!

Stay home – stay safe!

Sonja 😷 “💋” 😷


42 thoughts on “2020 Armitage Weekly Round-up #12

  1. Wonderful roundup. I’m very much in love with riepu‘s giffing skills and the TS family moments set was particularly nice—as much for the fun moments as for the reaction shots of Adams face. A wonderful illustration of RA‘s unsurpassed ability to say so much without a single word.

    As for your hands, it is important to apply lotion after each wash. Something high in unsaturated fatty acids. They will make your hands sticky, so it’s not practical. If you can’t stand it during the day, apply a thick coat overnight and maybe eat some thin cotton gloves if you have any. Something like Linola Fett is good. Also anything with a high content of evening primrose oil.


    • You are right about those interspersed reaction shots – boy, RA did that so well. He really looked so happy in the memory of the moment.
      Great advice re. the hands. I have been putting cream on after every wash anyway, but somehow that hadn’t done the trick so far. Some of the lotions (all specific hand-care lotions, btw) even created a burning sensation the eczema spots. But I followed your advice and put on a very sticky hand-cream last night before going to bed, and this morning my hand looked much better.


  2. I have a history of eczema and have definitely had to take more care than usual with my hands after washing and cleaning these days. Some spots showed up recently on my hands, especially after using a bleach cleaner (but no gloves, silly me). So I have started using gloves when cleaning, and after each hand washing, I always apply hand cream. I try to use something that is more of a cream than lotion; I like Cetaphil cream or even their regular lotion. Cetaphil may not be as available in Ireland, but any brand that offers a cream/something thicker than lotion should work. And most days, I also use a bit of Vaseline/petroleum jelly on my finger tips and cuticles. When I do get the eczema spots, I use a small amount of over-the-counter hydrocortisone cream or ointment; depending how big the spot is, the hydrocortisone cream is usually only needed a couple of times a day for a couple of days. Hope you find a remedy that works for you; you must protect those valuable craft-making hands! 🙂


    • Thank you for your recommendations! I have just checked and Cetaphil is actually available in Ireland, too. I seem to have found a suitable (medicinal) hand cream in my husband’s stash, but next time I go shopping I might try and buy the Cetaphil hand wash in order to get some gentler soap.


  3. “Neutral” photo? Ha! Look how fabulous he looks!!! That man is never neutral.

    Hands: Aquaphor. Feels as greasy as Vaseline going on, but soaks in quickly and doesn’t get on everything you touch (after a few minutes).

    8. Who says those thoughts are inappropriate?


  4. What a great roundup 😊 Though after the nape curls I was almost too besotted to notice anything else! Sorry about the hands. If neither of you are going out can you ease up on the cleaning a bit?


  5. You are so lucky to have a trustworthy government and a good leader in Ireland. Wish I could say the same for the States. Stay safe! We’re on the same lockdown as you now. Only grocery store runs, medicines and outdoor exercise allowed (as long as we stay 6 feet from one another). It’s hot out already but I’m enjoying my long walks early in the morning.


    • I’m a bit worried about how things will develop in the US, Ricky. From the outside it looked as if the response to the pandemic was politicised – and that may have hampered it a bit. Look after yourself – the hot weather is probably good because the virus is said to thrive in colder climes.


  6. Thank you for quoting the speech. I agree with you that it’s excellent. I wish that more of my own compatriots would think about the need to honor our freedom by voluntarily doing the right thing.
    We finished watching “The Stranger.” I found it enjoyable but was slightly disappointed by the last episode. I guessed the culprit, and felt that certain aspects of the resolution would not have worked in real life. That said, impressive acting by Mr. A., and the whole cast!
    I am looking forward to watching “Cypress Avenue” with Stephen Rea, which is being streamed free by the Royal Court. That’s one I missed in both NYC and London.


    • It probably didn’t help in the US that the president denied that there was anything to be worried about… In many ways, it can be said that the quick response in Ireland was due to the fact that the government here knows *full well* that our hospitals are beyond capacity even when there is no pandemic. They knew they had to act immediately because any delay would bring the health system down immediately. (It may also help that our PM is a qualified medical doctor – who evidently listens to the advice of the experts.)
      As for TS – yes, I have to agree that the last episode is strangely contradictory. There is some great suspense (at least for me – I never ever guessed who the culprit was), but then it kind of fizzles out at the end and feels almost unresolved.
      Cypress Avenue – to my shame I have to admit I never heard of this play. And it has played in the Abbey Theatre!!! Did you enjoy it? I have bookmarked it.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, there was great harm done here by multiple delays and failings of leadership.
        Agree about the fizzle at the end of TS. A shame because it’s a riveting story. But it was heartfelt, at the end, even if unsatisfying.
        I just realized that it is “Cyprus Avenue” rather than “Cypress.” I believe it is a street in Belfast, maybe where Ian Paisley lived? (And a Van Morrison song.) It is a very deep black comedy, the kind where you can’t believe you are laughing because it’s so terrible and nobody should laugh, but you still do. Stephen Rea is brilliant in it.


  7. As for your hand, (JUST KIDDING) lanolin obtained from sheep wool grease, fat (only Irish sheeps of course!) Just adding be careful it could be an allergen too.
    Helen would agree (sorry bad joke!).
    About statistics, here are my not funny explanations, an other very very very bad joke, they are more sheeps than creature with two legs (hominids) in Ireland…
    Entschuldigung Sie mir bitte, vergib mir, ich bin einer ‘Teufel”


  8. O’Keefe’s working hands used to be advertised a lot in the UK
    I haven’t used it but some of our American friends may.
    I went for a walk yesterday after a week of staying in and put on my usual face cream and today my face feels tight and is a bit red.


  9. Well, that worked, perhaps the rambling comment was too long, I’ll try in two segments. Many apologies if I multi post – and my WP Likes aren’t working again.

    Wise and humane words from your PM in contrast to the equivocal messages from Johnson, and Ireland’s statistics on the virus are encouraging. And thank you for your strengthening and uplifting words. I know exactly what you mean, my anxiety rises and fall in relation to my food cupboard.

    I hope that some good will come out of this crisis, despite all the dreadful suffering, that it will cause us to re-evaluate what is important in our lives, what we take for granted, and appreciate how lucky most of us normally are, when suffering, fear, curfews, food shortages, queuing are habitual to others.

    Sorry I don’t have any experience of eczema (although I think lavender oil is good) – it just shows that house-cleaning is bad for us!


    • I am really worried for Britain in terms of the much later response to the virus. And now BJ himself has contracted it. Not that that proves anything, but it’s just discouraging.
      Like you, I am also hoping that we will have learnt something from this experience. Over here we have seen that the government is indeed able to introduce rent freezes and stop evictions by law – which they claimed just a few months ago, was not possible… And now it is. Fancy that. I just hope that they won’t simply say afterwards that all the positives were only possible because we were in an emergency.


      • Yes there was do much dangerous prevarication . Councils are being asked to make sure every homeless person is housed so either that.is iimpossiblr or we should ask why that hasn’t happened before then ( for those that want it).


  10. Ha! It worked.
    Anyway thanks for the splendid round-up and for the spirit-lifting.
    4) 67 on IMDb is a very respectable position, although he;s in surprising company before and after.
    5) RA looks gorgeous in that dark shirt catching the sweet, I wonder if that was an accident, and his biscuit face is really funny.
    6) Such charged passion in the original N&S text and I can’t help relating some of it to my limited interaction with RA and my unrequited love!
    7) What is that sticky substance they are passing between their lips???
    13) Drldeboer does it again – magnificent.
    14) Even the sweaty wig looks attractive here.
    15) Yes, true, Mezz. Will Urban ever be seen again? I was hoping that with the resurgence of Richard’s popularity with The Stranger that Urban might be released and that My Zoe might have wider-distribution after Tribeca but that has been cancelled because of the pandemic.
    I’ll shut up now.


      • Ah, thanks Yve, that makes sense. I wonder if they had to do many takes. He doesn’t like sharing saliva (does anyone?) given the amount of times he has recounted kissing that watermelon as one of the worst things he has done!


    • 5) I think it’s a talent he has been born with. (I say that because my daughter can do that, too. I, on the other hand, have never managed to do that.)
      7) Um, how to say this delicately – I think they are passing a coin from mouth to mouth, and they are salivating quite a bit…

      Liked by 1 person

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