2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

Hello hello hello! The weekend is there, and here is your weekly round-up. I tried very hard to find some shtuff, but I had trouble even scraping 10 items together 😔. But here we go – enjoy:

  1. Riepu10 has edited the Gallifrey Time War poster and taken all the writing out so you can see our (Time) Lord in full glory
  2. And on the subject of Rassilon – I haven’t heard it yet, but nevertheless I understand the big conflict ladyromanadvoratrelandur mentions in her post
  3. Very interesting: A comparison of The Stranger book and TV show by tesssy0. I haven’t read this post yet, but sounds good
  4. Thorntoncrusadepost has watched My Zoe and reviews the film. Contains spoilers!
  5. Gorgeous manip by astrovian featuring RA’s signature
  6. I’m getting minecraft vibes from this edit by angelicstellar. No idea what this is really about
  7. Guy fans, this is for you. Did you know about all these fun t-shirts? Guyofgisborne found them for you
  8. *giggles* This kind of thing has happened to many of us. Possibly not with pictures of Thorin. Post by lathalea
  9. I haven’t read this yet, but in case you are in need of some Bagginshield, here is a modern one with Thorin as famous author and Bilbo as teacher. Link in this post by shealwaystakesitblack
  10. I had to laugh at this little sketches/cartoons of Thorin by reshirement

Right, that was a rather short list this week. So how about some general chatting? First of all – update on the police search in the office. Our friend called me back yesterday to say she was fine. She finally found out that she is *not* under investigation at all. However, her business address came up in connection with someone else, who in turn is connected to our friend’s partner’s business. They still don’t know the details, but at least it is clear that they are off the hook. *phew*

What else can I talk about? I’ve played Lady Luck again and chosen a couple of winners of the postcard sets from last post. Surprise, surprise, they’ll go in the mail on Monday, and I am keeping it under wraps who the recipients are ;-). I am in the mood for some gift bombing, so to speak. Mind you, I have another RAPS reveal coming up next week, and I might return to the randompicker for that. Sneak peek:

Hm, wondering who or what might be hiding in *that* little beauty…

I’ve been distracting myself with a little bit of sewing, too. It started with the need for a quick and easy craft project for an Easter pressie for my mum. I came up with a little handy thing that fits right into our current times.

Those are little baggies that hold hand sanitiser and that can be clipped onto a bag. The hand sanitiser sits upside down in it, so you only have to flip open the top and are ready to squeeze a bit of the anti-bacterial gel into your hand. Ideal project to use up fabric scraps, as you can see. I also upcycled my collection of lanyards, cutting off the clasps and reusing some of the lanyard straps. And yes, there was some of my Armitage fabric left over, too, so there is another discreet fangirling object with practical use 😊. Ah, and while I am at it – in case you, too, have a collection of unused, unwanted lanyards and want to get rid of them, I would happily relieve you of any of those metal clasps… Let me know, in case anyone has some and has no use for them!

Right, that’s the weekend sorted. Hope you are all well!

Happy Sunday,

Sonja ♥️


43 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #9

  1. No. 8—I feel very much called out by this. Something similar happened to me with my bosses wife. 😬😳

    For some reason the fish tin makes me think of those supermarket commercial voiceovers he did a while back. One of them was about FRESH FISH and I remember being delighted about his pronunciation of the word mackerel. 🎣 I even made a card with the word Fresh because of it. But since there were no pictures, this can’t be what the RAPS is about. 🤔


  2. LOL – No 8 is exactly why I never, ever hand over my phone when I show a picture to someone. They might scroll and discover one of my many secret crushes. Really don’t need my students to know I am still fangirling like they do :-))))


  3. #3: Whoa. Substantial changes to the plot of the book to make the tv show. I had no idea this kind of altering went on, and I’m not sure why. To adapt to UK location? If so, I think they still blew it on all the guns. I found the guns, murders, and body hiding totally unbelievable for a UK story and, therefore, dismissed (in my mind) much about the plot and the whole show because of them.


  4. Have to admit I liked the Stranger tv series even though I found the book, (which I’d read before the show aired and please don’t anyone take offense here) too predictable with many plot points of the story too simplistic. Granted I’ve been reading crime (mystery/horror) stories long before I ever hit puberty. SOoooo I might be jaded or whatever it’s called. I like the show for the eye candy and when watching with hubs, found he too had similar views.

    He and I read a lot but do not agree on all that much, (as I’ve learned to my utter shock in quarantine) but did agree on the Stranger show, they needed better writers.

    Oh and those Guy ⚔️T-shirts! ⚔️ Have to make some and get hubs to wear them. Heh


    • It was strange – I found the show somewhat convoluted. But then in parts it was simplistic, as you say. Having said all that – when I watched it the first time, I found it full of suspense, and they have certainly edited it in a clever way, with cliffhangers that make you want to move on to the next episode as soon as you have finished the previous one.
      LOL, let us know if you have managed to make hubs wear a Gisborne shirt!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Such a cute idea. Little bags to hold masks would be great too. A handbag site in the US is selling little clip on ‘Mask holder” mini purses, but they are leather and quite expensive so I can make my own!


  6. Nice round-up again, the manip with RA´s signature is great 😊.
    It´s good to hear the police investigation wasn´t about your friend, she must be so relieved now…
    I like that peppermint fish tin, it looks so cute and I´m looking forward to seeing what you made of it 😊 and
    the hand sanitiser bags are really cute and useful, well done 👍.


    • Thank you, Andrea. Yep, big relief regarding the police investigation.
      The fish tin was so cute, I didn’t touch the outside of it at all. It also had a very cute inside, which I all covered up…


  7. Sanitiser baggies, what a brill idea Guylty.
    Thanks for the fun round-up.
    3) I saw a Google Alert for a Times article today about the Americanisation of British dramas for Netflix and it mentioned The Stranger. Unfortunately  the article is behind a paywall, but I think it was certainly true, e.g. kids driving to school.
    7) I love how two of the Gisborne T-shirts are modelled by men.
    8) Oh yes! Mortifying.


    • 3) I think they tried their best to make it as “non American” as possible, but yeah, I thought there were elements in TS that didn’t translate so well.
      7) Hehe, I can’t really see many men wearing the Gisborne shirts, but who knows…

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Verräterin!!! Der arme Richiiiiiiiiiiiie, der mag doch kein Wasser!!! 😀

    Fish tin … Fischdose … Fischfass … Ganz klar: Thorin! 😛

    Oder ist doch die Figur eher fishy?

    Niedliche Dose. 🙂


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