2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

Esther is so right. She counted her blessings in her recent post, and so will I, briefly, today. Mr Guylty received his first jab yesterday. That is so much pressure off our backs for now. I was able to register for vaccination on Wednesday, but given the situation with the ransomware attack on the HSE (Irish equivalent of the NHS) system on Thursday night, delays are to be expected. Nevertheless, it feels like a corner has been turned. Another blessing was a monster parcel that arrived here from one of my RL friends. A complete surprise, full of German goodies that I miss here in exile. Check this out:

So yeah, life is good, we just have to look for the gems in the rubble.

Talking of gems – here are the ones that I discovered on tumblr this week:

  1. Haha, yes, Sir Guy, that thought applies often. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics
  2. In case you want to skip all the non-mom friendly material in Castlevania, astrovian has put all the times that Trevor swears through all 4 seasons of the show into one clip
  3. Some Mr Thornton mobile phone lockscreens courtesy of mockscreens
  4. Intense scrutiny by Dr White, in gifs provided by riepu10
  5. A more mature looking Richard as James in MZ, posted by astrovian – what do you think about that look?
  6. Richard + stage – a gif set by mezzmerizedbyrichard with all of his stage roles
  7. On the occasion of mother’s day, universallywritingoneshotgiant posted a reminder of Richard and his mum at the Royal premiere of THAUJ in 2012 – proud mum
  8. This gif of a wolfish Guy comes from a deactivated account called tall-for-a-dwarf-deactivated201, by way of mezzmerizedbyrichard
  9. Looking forward to the next Jackman and Evans… which apparently is already in the works. Photo manip by riepu10
  10. Really old, but nevertheless, here is a nice gif of Richard ca. 2013 with retro vibes. By officerrogers

Hm, not that many “blessings” on tumblr today. So, for a little bit of extra value, I decided to delve into Redbubble and Society 6 for some nice fan art that might amuse you. (Links will take you straight to the items.) Take for instance this delightful shopping tote, printed with Astrovian’s digital art of Richard.

Or how about you snuggle up to Richard by way of Aninomori’s gorgeous pillow?

This majestic baby-gro by Livielightyear made me laugh our loud. Thank cod I don’t have any use for it right now, though…

I also liked this coffee mug with a watercolour of Margaret and Thornton, by TheQueenofOz.

Here’s another Mr Thornton fan art – an art print by Fanitsa.

And an old favourite, an Armitage Army t-shirt by Circus Doll.

Nice to see all that fan art. You don’t even necessarily have to own it to enjoy it 😉. Although a purchase is always a welcome show of support for our art-creating fan sisters.

Wishing you all a nice weekend,

Sonja ❤️





25 thoughts on “2021 Armitage Weekly Round-up #17

      • Like I need more bunnies? LOL! I’m currently cleaning the next installment of The Vessel, to post hopefully within the hour. I’m determined to finish Tel’ Lindar this summer – the sequel to The Vessel, I have The Vacation all of a sudden rearing its ugly head. More Aside from Heaven. More The Shepherd and – the next chapter of Raising Nemo is almost done. Having a hard time keeping Gary in character – he’s very angry and fed up and done with 2 people!


  1. Happy to hear that Mr Guylty finally got his vaccine! 🙂 My husband and I will get the first dose on June 10th, 🙂


  2. Ah, your blessings sound good too (and thanks for the link-love). Such a relief that Mr G got his first shot and that you are on the soon to be vaccinated list as well! That package looks lovely. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. So glad to hear the good news about Mr. Guylty’s vaxx.
    And I hope the goodies from home will boost your good mood even further. What a lovely haul.

    Talking of which, thanks for the roundup. Thanks to Astrovian in #2, I’ve seen all the Castlevania I wanted, lol


    • Between the vaxx and the parcel, I‘ve been having a great start to the weekend. (Ha, I‘m easy to please…)
      Yeah, I‘m not really keen on Castlevania, either. Have heard too many hints about the violence in it.


  4. Thank you for the roundup. I’m so glad the hack didn’t derail Mr. G’s vaccine again. I’m still struggling to find appointments for my parents. My county is so effed. So between that and my job situation and my allergies and an incidence of persistently above 150 (and way above 200, at times above 300, in the town where I have to do all my doctors appointments, major shopping etc.), I’m hitting a wall atm. I received some happy mail yesterday, so that’s a blessing, but I’m doing a very bad job of keeping my chin up lately.
    The only bright spot rn is crafting for the auction. I apologize in advance for all the stuff you will have to deal with. 😬


    • Having been through it myself, I really feel with you for this constant worry and fear of catching the virus. It is just so frustrating when you are hitting walls instead of getting answers. The happy mail is well deserved and a welcome distraction, I am sure. We can only hope that things will progress quickly in the right direction now, and that everybody gets vaccinated soon.
      Hehe, go ahead with your crafting for distraction. It can only be of benefit for the auctions 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve ordered yet another alphabet (yes, I have a letter abuse problem) and I need it delivered now!! I think I can promise you around 20-25 of the pompom/tag combos. Just waiting for additional netting and a few odds and ends rn. I’ve also got little gift bags coming in, so you’ll get the lot wrapped up and ready to go.


  5. I hope Mr Guylty is feeling OK after his jab and that you are all enjoying some relaxing days after the stress. A cornucopia of goodies this week – treats from Germany, scrumptious RA pics from Tumblr and Red Bubble  creations, although I am a little bemused by John Thorton’s missing face – his in particular.


    • Thankfully he has had hardly any side effects. 🤞🏻
      The missing face is what I find so intriguing about those designs. Maybe because it is otherwise pretty clear on whose portrayal of Mr Thornton it is based 😊


  6. Thank you ever so much for the lovely shout out! Glad to hear Mr. Guylty has been able to get his first jab safely & successfully – hopefully things continue to look up for you both ❤


    • Thank you, S! And happy to give a shout-out as a small little sign of my appreciation for the fabulous content you continuously are spoiling us with!


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