2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

Good morning on a spring-y Saturday. Their is a tentative sun outside my window, the first daffodils are peeking out with their yellow heads from my window box, and the great tits are tweeting in our garden. That makes for a happy start into the weekend. How far has spring come where you are?

But now, let’s look at this week’s tumblr offerings.

  1. Starting off with some camera-cum-Levine porn, not new, but just for my own guilty pleasure ❤️. Posted by mzperx0506universe
  2. Middleearthpixie’s Damaged Goods goes to chapter 37!!! If you haven’t read since last weekend, I can tell you there is some hot stuff in there…
  3. Ohhh, Gizzy and his clenched teeth. A sight to behold, and giffed by riepu10
  4. I am not really into vampire stories, so I haven’t read this fan fic. In fact, I am actually linking to it here because I liked the edit that illustrates this fic by linasofia
  5. Hekikiart shares their process of digitally drawing the Red Dragon
  6. Staying with vampires, have we had this vampire!Proctor before? By enchantzz
  7. Interesting discussion here about the use of “The Gaze” by Armitage when playing Thorin. Tbh, the whole Bagginshield thing *totally* passed me by when I watched TH for the first time. I guess I was distracted. Post by nitocrisss
  8. Handy-man porn here. (My German readers will get this pun… 😂 📱) Scott White on the phone, giffed by riepu10 again
  9. Shout-out both to i-did-not-mean-to and mysandwichranaway. To the former for her fan fic Beyond Silence ch. 2, and the latter for the accompanying artwork/illustration
  10. Hekikiart again with a digital artwork for NS
  11. Ohhh, and this is even better – because bigger in size 😁. Also hekikiart
  12. And just for all chaRActer fic needs, here is i-did-not-mean-to’s masterlist so you can easily find her fan fics so far
  13. So many different emotions on that face. And *ugh* I LOVE Astrov’s hair. It looks so full and luscious, I want to put my hands in there and ruffle it up 😉. And if I didn’t find Astrov a bit of a shit, I’d actually fall in love with him just because of this gif set by riepu10
  14. 😂 This is just one of the funniest scenes between Guy and the sheriff, so I had to include this gif. Posted by cottoncandiescupcakes
  15. Aw, poor Guy… I’d make the day better for him any time. What a Guy Wants by nfcomics

A nice list this week – and maybe next week will be even longer??!!?? After all it is Valentine’s Day on Monday, and that usually brings a whole slew of affirmations of love onto tumblr. We’ll find out next Saturday 😁

I am now looking forward to venturing out for lunch. Mr Guylty and I are meeting a couple of college friends in the Chester Beatty. Service Announcement: If you ever find yourself in Dublin, the Chester Beatty Library is definitely a place worth visiting. It’s a museum and library, mainly focussing on Middle-Eastern religious script. It is free in and housed in the grounds of Dublin Castle in a historic building. It also has a very nice café with delicious Middle-Eastern food. The latter is going to be a bit of a challenge today. I am 12 days into my diet, and after a successful first week (minus 2.8kg 🥳) I fell off the wagon for a day and ate a chocolate eclair and half a bag of cashews 😕. I hope I can get back on track and get at least a few grams off this week. But hey, you’ve got to live a little, every once in a while, right?

Hope you have a lovely weekend, too.

Sonja ❤️


33 thoughts on “2022 Armitage Weekly Round-up #6

  1. Thanks Guylty. # 8, 11, 13, 14 are very nice.
    I haven’t eaten eclair since two years. I’m not talking to you 😉. I’m going to look for spring. Beautiful sun today. 😘

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! I’m getting spoiled here, 😂 It’s very springlike today – but it’s supposed to snow tomorrow and then it’s supposed to get back up into the 60s later in the week. I hope you enjoy your lunch and re your diet- cashews are actually really good for you. They’ve got the good fat like olive oil, so enjoy them!


    • Thank *you* for continuing to entertain us so well!
      Ha, great re. those cashews. Nuts are definitely a “good conscience guilty pleasure” – good fats and all. I might actually eat a couple right now 😉


  3. sunny and bright day here today but with 4°C not quite spring-like yet… but that’s also fine! I still want to go off-piste skiing this year so it’s better if it doesn’t get to warm yet ⛷️


  4. oh the Chester Beatty library! 😁 my favourite spot in Dublin! the food served in the café looked delicious too when I was there but unfortunately I was traveling on a tight budget at the time so I did not allow myself to buy a treat there… another time, when I return! 🤞


    • Definitely worth another visit. And here is the Geheimtipp: They sell individual pieces of baclava and other ME goodies. Perfect for a little treat. (I bought a box of 5 pieces for the table – didn’t eat it myself, though.)


  5. Now you’ve done it, G. You’ve gone and gotten me hooked again. “Hunger” (#4) is an erotic blend of Richard’s sensuality and the danger inherent in Aidan Turner’s Mitchell (Being Human). Double ooof!

    Please, please, please people. Stop shipping Thorin and Bilbo. My fragile libido can’t cope. 😱

    Congrats on your weight gain. My “diet” is on hiatus until after Valentine’s Day. Chocolate covered cherries are my downfall. Must be that creamy filling. 😉


  6. Astrov’s hair is a thing of wonder indeed. #lesigh

    As you know, I just cannot with Tolkien, but occasionally I enjoy reading about other people‘s feelings about Bagginshield. And then that low-key makes me want to see those things, but there’s just too much Other Stuff™️ in between the interesting bits, so that may never happen.


    • That hairstyle was dreamy. Lucky him – his follicles are top notch!
      Yeah, I was never really on the Bagginshield ship, but well, it’s a big one for many people, so I keep linking to it without really drilling into it myself… As you said, good other stuff, too.


  7. Crocuses are peeking out down here. What a lot of goodies in the round-up, e,g, the vampire elements, thank you! Bilbo and Thorin’s relationship has always struck me as a touching platonic friendship but then I’m always looking for signs between him and Thranduil – we see what we want to see, i suppose.
    Hope you and Mr G had a lovely meal.


  8. Hi G, thanks for including me on your list. 💕I also appreciate the #3 Gisborne teeth baring Gifs by Riepu10. ⚔️That character is still my favorite one after all these years. ⚔️ Sorry I’ve not been around much. Work seems to take up as much time as it always has, including long after normal working hours. When I get a bit of free time, I have a demanding hairball always giving me the “why don’t you love me?” sad eyes. 🐶 My Pekingese is just as bad with those same sorts of looks too. 😆


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