Happy V-Day!

Well, it’s V-Day, and the master has spoken:

The East Coast cell phone network has just broken down… 😂

You *must* check the tweet and read through the comments – the puns and replies are just 😂. But yeah, new photo, right?

Not sure whether he is really waiting for a call – or hiding 😉. Or observing us? I wonder who took the photo? It’s not from the An Le shoot (like most of the recent pics he’s posted) – his hair was longer in that.

Wish I could see more of that coat. It’s longer than the Lucas North pea coat that suited him so well. And that long row of buttons is intriguing… Maybe the fashion sleuths are already on it!?

Happy V-Day, all!



46 thoughts on “Happy V-Day!

  1. Ladies, ladies, hold your hats, because I predict you are about to faint. This confirms that the man is a…library geek. We now have proof. Those phone booths are in the New York Public Library “main branch” at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street. They are sort of well known in NYC, but only among (snooty, intellectual) types who have actually been in that building, which is a research library only (non-circulating, one-off, historic materials), not lending, no popular books, videos, etc.

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  2. He looks very serious but very handsome indeed 🙂 I like that he always sends a message for Valentine, he is loved but he also spreads love and appreciation… I love that. I’m not one that needs to know too much about her fav actor privacy, in fact I think that spoils the “fantasy”. So I’m glad that Richard keeps his private life private. I just hope he feels loved and appreciated, which I’m sure he does. He strikes me as someone that is not afraid to have some lonely time now and again, i think we have that in common.


    • I think I am a little too jaded to believe that he spreads love and appreciation, tbh. Personally, I only take it as a typical SM self-advertisement – a reason to post a picture on Twitter, with the bonus of getting the fans excited. Nothing wrong with that – I was amused by the tweet, so I appreciate it.
      He has spoken about his tendency to withdraw and be alone before. I remember him saying it at RDC5. Good for him!

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  3. Ladies, I’ve been Googling for hours. You know how fan forensics work…. I am deciding, per your first hunch, G, that this photo IS from a photoshoot. Because look at the fancy schmantzy coat in a lightened jpg. (Check your email, G, if I’m unsuccessful at uploading it here.) And it may be…the same “creamy” shoot that you documented here: https://guylty.net/2022/01/04/nobleman-indeed-new-article-drops/.

    I have been intrigued (for several weeks) with identifying the building in the second shot, the one where he’s wearing the plaid shirt and holding the book with the blue cover (book—it’s a clue!), and have even engaged with several historic preservationist NYC friends who I hoped might recognize the building. Which means going public to civilian friends on “Who is that guy?” OHHHHHH, the humiliation (Um, I have a celebrity crush….”), and what I do for the fandom!

    Today, I thought to myself: I bet the building is in the West 30s (Manhattan, Garment District), because it looks about 100 years old (per stonework, especially the decorated part on the edge of the corner above his arm, and per the constructed style of the window’s mullions), and there are a lot of turn-of-the-century “loft” (factory) buildings in that neighborhood which haven’t yet been modernized (or demolished.) If that photographer shot that photo the same day she shot a photo of him in the phone booth at the library…ding, ding, ding! Maybe that photo is done inside the library, too!

    So I spent a few hours looking at photos of the interior of that library, which is tricky, because the photo looks like an exterior wall/window, but that library has more “exteriors” than its four literal exterior walls now. It originally had two interior courtyards, which have been “filled in” with modern architecture, so there are windows to some of those now-interior spaces which were originally windows to the outside.

    I’m starting to think that shot was done just inside the north doors, which is a “basement” entrance that is actually at street level on West 42nd Street, and I can NOT find a photo of that entrance (from the inside) anywhere online. (Those of you who I gave tours to, check your photos. We may have entered through this door, because it is near the elevators and the…phone booths, yes, really.)

    There’s no bench that I remember, but he may be sitting on the floor (we know RA is game for directions from photographers) right next to a stationary panel to the side of a door. Next time I go there….

    Now, my questions are:
    When is that photographer (or someone) going to release the rest of her photos from that shoot, huh, huh?
    Will one of you please lecture me to stop this and do something productive with the rest of my day, please, please???

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    • This is great, Besotted! Thank you for going into so much detail and having a look around. Without knowing the location as such, it really makes sense what you are saying. I remember *ooof*ing one of those pictures (the same series as the one with the book, I believe, but without holding a book), and surmising just from the way the lights fell onto the subject that he was actually beside an *outside* door – which OTOH didn’t make logical sense because he was holding a book etc. Now that you have explained that there are some courtyards that have been converted into interior spaces, it makes much more sense.
      So the photographer is slow-releasing the pictures one by one. Or maybe RA does, assuming he was the client of the shoot. Then he pulls the strings and decides when he wants to release yet another picture from the shoot. I wonder what other scenes/scenarios they shot that day, and whether there are other locations within the library that they used…


    • Thank you for the fan forensics work, Besotted. Sorry but I have no intention of stopping you to do this 😊.
      Guylty, this is definitely Daniel Miller and he is observing us 😊. Is there a light on the left side of the photo (it‘s blurry, to focus on Daniel back from the dead 😉)? Of course as usual everyone was there, except me. I’m only work all the time, ehh, back to work again. 😘


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