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Back from my trip to the Fazerland, I was catching up with posts in blogworld, when Esther asked me in a comment where the coat of arms on my latest RAPS comes from (see right). It is, of course, not my own creative work, but a design by one of our fandom’s gif queens over on tumblr, the very talented circusgifs, whose work frequently pops up in my weekly round-ups.

Circusgifs made that coat of arms some time in early 2014, and comic queen Mimi printed the design on lots of little stickers for me. With Circusgifs’ permission, I have occasionally used the stickers on my tins. The design is so cool – I actually have it printed on my iPhone case (the result of a swap I did with Circusgifs), and it serves as a delicious daily reminder of my “movie boyfriend” – yet it is extremely discreet. Even though my mobile phone is frequently on show, especially when I am taking pictures with it, no one has ever asked me embarrassing questions about the coat of arms. Everybody assumes it is simply an imaginary coat of arms, a fashion statement. Total win situation for the stealthy fan girl!

As I was searching for a picture of my phone case to show Esther, I remembered Circusgifs’ Red Bubble store where her designs are available as printed products. I don’t usually do shop endorsements, but in this case, I decided that a shout-out is warranted. After all, Circusgifs has been entertaining us with her gifs all this time – free of charge. It’s only fair if she receives a little monetary return from her design efforts. Plus, I think it is really fun what you can get on Red Bubble.

For those who are unfamiliar with the site – Red Bubble is basically an online print shop which prints original designs on a variety of products – from garments via bags to stickers and notebooks. Customers can order a printed item with the design, and the artists receive a modest cut. Even if you don’t want to buy anything, it’s fun to browse the selection.

The Red Bubble store automatically imposes the designs onto a sample image of the finished product. Sometimes the designs can be a bit to big, with hilarious consequences. I was quite amused by this t-shirt, for instance (see right):


The silhouette at the top of the coat of arms is just that little bit too far down. If it was a tiny bit further up, the wearer’s head would replace it perfectly. Now, just imagine we all clubbed together, had one of those printed and sent it off to RA to wear. Now, *that* would definitely be worth a selfie of the man!!!

Anyway, there are some cool items there for girls, too. As a Guy-girl, I was quite taken with a mini skirt from the Guy of Gisborne range of items. Again, the design did not quite fit on the actual item. Some of the design features are actually lost in the print. But in a strange way, the design is actually quite cool:

Admittedly, it has a bit of a bondage feel, this particular skirt. But is that so off, when it comes to our dear Sir Guy? I quite like the belt buckle at the hem, and the smaller wolf’s head clasps that go diagonally across Guy’s leather tunic, create the illusion of a wrap skirt here.

Personally, I don’t really have the figure for a tight mini skirt like this. Ok, and I am fashion-challenged (no Ilaria in *my* wardrobe…), but I suspect this is actually the sort of garment that a 21st century Sir Guy might approve of. I imagine him, dressed head-to-toe in his trademark leather, with a tall, leggy brunette on his arm, clad in this mini skirt, a tight black top, and killer heals, on the way to a Metallica concert. Instead of horse-back, he probably rides a massive motorbike. No helmet, though – he likes to feel the wind in his hair. Oh, and his season 1 biker boots have come in really handy, too…

Ok, back to reality. There are a good few items that would make excellent fan gifts, though. I really liked the ladies’ fitted t-shirts and the tote bags, and the NS sticker would look great on the cover of a notebook or a diary:

If you are curious what else there is, pop over to Circusgifs’ Armitage Army collection HERE, and tell me which items you are tempted to buy.

And while you are at it, you can also check out my own Red Bubble store. While perusing Circusgifs’ store, I decided to upload my own fabric designs into Red Bubble, too. It doesn’t really lend itself to t-shirts, leggings and hoodies, but I think it actually looks quite nice on a mobile phone case, or a notebook, or even a mini skirt… Well, sort of…

Should there ever be any proceeds from my Red Bubble store, those are pledged to one of Richard’s good causes via Justgiving.


21 thoughts on “Fan Art Shopping

  1. Well, that’s definitely shopping with style with one of those bags … for everything a fangirl needs (especially chocolate ice cream, I guess) XD And thanks for the little history of the RA coat of arms – I knew it already, but I didn’t know the story behind it! With spring and finally summer about to come, maybe I should fresh up my wardrobe a bit …? It’s definitely fun browsing through the shops 🙂


  2. Wow, my question spawned a whole post! I feel honoured. 🙂
    I just showed Mr Esther the coat of arms and, going by heraldry rules, he says it belongs in the “Heraldry Hall of Shame” :O Mr Esther is a bit of a stickler for these rules, so I guess our marriage may end in divorce if I ever deign to wear such a t-shirt in his presence.
    The image I really love is that black RA profile silhouette. I’d buy anything with just that on it. 🙂


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  4. I love the coat of arms and have it on my phone too, but unlike you i’ve had to explain myself several times LOL I just go quickly: ThorontonGuyLucasThorin…and the questions get only more embarrassing from there 🙂
    I love the design on the skirt, looks really cool! But in real life the totes are probably next best to phone covers, i will definitely put them on my wishlist, your design looks fab on them!


    • Really? People ask? No one has ever asked me. If they did, I’d probably not go into details but just say that it is something to do with my favourite actor – and leave it at that.
      I was quite surprised by the phone covers, too. When I buy a new phone (probably in about 3 years’ time), I might consider this, too 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Sehr chic! Guy ist prominent vertreten 🙂 Die Kollegen würden ein bisschen komisch gucken wenn frau das im Büro tragen würde, aber für den nächsten Mädelstreff?
    Die Taschen sind allerdings universell einsetzbar, klasse ❤


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