Impromptu Charity Craft Sale for Ukraine

Maybe you have already guessed what I was gearing up to, with two shrines in quick succession… Well, the post title says it all: With the horrible war and the successive refugee crisis going on in Ukraine, I wondered how I could help (beyond my own donation a couple of weeks ago). The obvious answer is to sell some of my crafty stuff and donate the proceeds to refugee relief. I had already jumped into this idea and was going to just spring this onto the unsuspecting public you, when Kate and I launched our 5 item swap. And – „two idiots, same idea“, as we say in German. Or a little more benign in English: Great minds think alike! Kate suggested that we could sell the results of our 5 item projects for charity. When she heard I was already working on a charity sale, she immediately offered to create some of her much sought-after tags and ornaments and also include it in the sale.

So here we present you our quick, impromptu (created in the matter of one week) #UkRAineAid charity sale. For ease of transaction and quick turn-around, we are offering all items with fixed prices over on Etsy. You know the drill – you can purchase items there without being a registered member. Payment is possible by card or via Paypal. All items include free shipping. The items are clearly labelled as Charity Sale items – look for the #UkRAineAid hashtag. There is also a dedicated shop section in my Etsy store, also called #UkRAineAid. (Note: All other items on my Etsy store are not part of the charity sale!)

Please be assured that there is no pressure or obligation on anyone to buy. If we manage to sell all items, we‘ll be thrilled. If not, that‘s fine, too. But if you have a little money available, here is your chance to make a donation to a good cause and actually get a tangible item back for your generosity!

Below you will find a list of all items available. I will publish the listings before I post this blog post, so the store is open. There is no time-limit on the sale as such but the listings will disappear from Etsy as soon as the items are sold out. To avoid disappointment, please read the listings on Etsy before purchase as there will be information in there on sizing, materials etc.

On offer are:


Made by Kate, there are four different types of RAngels, all in one listing – Guy, Daniel Miller, purple suit RA and eggplant suit RA.

Click here for the listing.

RA Tags – sorry, already sold out

More of the gorgeous bookmarks/tags made by Kate. 10 unique tags available in total.

Click here for the listing.

RA Pocket Shrines – Sorry, already sold out

Apart from the two shrines already revealed here on the blog, I have created three further RAPS. There are photos in the listing, so you can see what other shrines I have created.

Click here for the listing.

Fan T-Shirts

This is a small collection of fan t-shirts with different slogans. There is only one t-shirt per slogan. Three different sizes of t-shirts are available. They are clearly labelled in the listing.

Click here for the listing.

Vintage-Style Junk Journals

The vintage look suits Mr Thornton and Astrov, so these two chaRActers make an appearance in these handmade junk journals. They all contain exactly the same items which you will be able to see in the little video on Etsy. Sizes and number of pages vary but are detailed in the listing. For ease of transaction they have all been priced the same. Check the listings for more information.

Click here for the listing.

So, Kate and I would be delighted if you checked out the listings – and more so if you felt inclined to buy an item. Kate will ship her items from Germany, I will ship mine from Ireland. Once again, shipping (without tracking) is included, and we ship anywhere. Also, feel free to share this blog post or the individual links to the listings in your social media.

Please also check Kate’s blog for more information and bigger pictures of her tags and RAngels on offer! Thanks for reading and let‘s hope we can help Ukraine with a nice donation!

ETA: The flash sale is already flying. THANK YOU TO ALL WHO HAVE MADE A PURCHASE SO FAR. You rock! We are now nearing the fantastic milestone number of €500. And let me tell you, I was hopeful, but by no means sure we could get there. Thank you thank you thank you, so far! – Unfortunately that also means that some items are already sold out – like Kate‘s fabulous tags. At time of writing there are still a couple of her RAngels on offer, though 😉


52 thoughts on “Impromptu Charity Craft Sale for Ukraine

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  2. Oh what a nice idea! I finally get my Guy Angel. But someone was quicker with the Guy pocket shrine :’-((( Do you know to which organization you will send the money to in the end?

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you for your purchase, U!! Much appreciated.
      And please, if you have any suggestions for a charity, let me know. I was in a hurry to get the post out and forgot to mention it.


  3. What a beautiful idea! I’m already too late for that beautiful silver fox shrine but Father Quart will do nicely as well. 🙂
    Just a quick question: which Ukraine refugee charity will the money go to, have you decided yet?


  4. I really had my heart set on the Silver Fox pocket shrine. Late to the party as usual. 😭 I did score a Silver Fox tag instead, plus a Thorin tag for a FB friend, where I passed along the word about the sale. Thank you so much for spearheading this much-needed venture.

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  5. This is sucha a lovely idea, I´m happy to be able to help a little… I was too late for the silver fox RAPS and I couldn´t decide on the last RAPS so I chose one of the journals and one of the last angels. Thanks a lot to you and Kate for your efforts 💗. I already made a donation to the UNHCR, I must admit I cannot really think of a smaller charity…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Many thanks for your purchase, Andrea, even though you missed out on the Silver Fox. I hope you‘ll like the journal. For some reason Etsy did not post my little video flip through. I shall post it in my next blog post, just so you know what you are getting.


    • That’s a shame. Unfortunately I was only able make 10 in the week we had to pull this together. Darn day job. 😉 Which one was your favorite? I’m always happy about feedback about the most popular designs for future reference.


      • I always love the Thornton ones, esp. the one with the lace. That was so lovely! You had once made a similar bigger bookmark before. Thanks for all your work besides “day work”! Hope you´ll manage more for another time!

        Liked by 2 people

        • Never fear. There will always be more Thornton. I love the character and the style (lacey vintage) very much myself, so my inspiration often goes on that direction.
          Thank you for your continued support—supply frustration and all. 😘

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  6. Lovely idea. Girls, I can’t even have dinner without missing the sale 😂. But I’m very happy with my stuff 😊. I was able to get the last RAPS, it will be my first. I like it much, with Ray and John and cool inscriptions and colors 😊. And also a certain little matter made me smile (but I will not say what now). 😘
    PS. Of course I made a mess with the single orders as usual. I’m sorry for this, Guylty.

    Liked by 2 people

    • No worries about the separate orders. That is perfectly fine. And this time round, since there were not as many items on offer as in the big fundraisers, it won‘t be such a big administration issue 😉 Thank you so much for your purchases, and sorry for disturbing dinner 😉


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  8. Glad it was a huge success. Got tied up with a friend yesterday and missed most of the action here.

    Never before heard your; “two idiots, same idea.” Quote, made me 😂 laugh!


  9. I was so disappointed to be too late yesterday for most of the best goodies but I’m glad the sale was a success for a good cause 👍I love the new shrines and book marks. I’m in LOVE with the white jumper shrine. I hope you’ll bring them back in another occasion 😉


    • Sorry you missed it, Anja. Yep, we didn’t do a big long announcement this time ’round. (That is reserved for our big birthday fan fun.) But thanks for your comment 🙂


  10. I really have got to start looking at my email. I keep missing your auctions and sales. Every year I get worse. How worse? Friends now send me texts or note via Messenger to check my emails.


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